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Of the holidays...

Michael Arduennas wrote
at 1:18pm on December 17th, 2008
in the sole interest of my bag coming with me to Halifax. Which it did. I arrived in Halifax and even though I had to wait a little bit they were very nice and got me a hotel room and some money for breakfast. I got my bag, got shuttled to the hotel, got some food and went to bed. In the morning I packed up, got shuttled back through the airport and got to my flight with plenty of time. The flight itself was completely on time. I arrived in Saint John and met Mom, and some time after that I found out my bag had been left in Halifax...

So yeah, hopefully I'm getting ALL OF MY CLOTHES AND MY STRAIGHTENER AND MY COPY OF PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT at some point today or tomorrow...

Happy holidays...
Michael Arduennas wrote
at 1:13pm on December 17th, 2008
Don't worry. I ignore everyone equally, not just you.

And what happened was that I arrived at the airport, on time and with no trouble. I got on my plane in Toronto, which was to fly Montreal, but had been fueled to fly to San Francisco, and apparently because of this they had too MUCH fuel and they had to take some of it out. The de-fueling of the plane took an hour (apparently the first de-fueler broke down on the way, so they had to call for another one) while we were all sitting on the plane waiting. After the hour we took off, and we arrived in Montreal about the exact time that my plane to Saint John was taking off. Since it was the last flight to Saint John that night from pretty much anywhere Customer Service decided to send me to Halifax, have me stay overnight there and then fly me to Saint John in the (very early) morning. In between figuring this all out and departure from Montreal I left the terminal, got my bag, re-checked it in and re-went through security (continued)
Evan Vipond (York University) wrote
at 12:37am on December 17th, 2008
way to ignore my wall post and tagging of you in my note!!! :P
And what's all this about flight trouble?! What happened?Type your cut contents here.

Read from the bottom up, facebook style. Copy and pasting was a lot simpler then ranting about it all over again. I'm over it. All that matters is in the end I got Priscilla.

It seems that the malaise I took on at York has carried over with me into the New Brunswick holidays. After the madness of traveling home I spent a couple of days sitting around. And then after that I spent another few days sitting around. And I've continued this sitting around up until today. I've been doing stuff, I suppose. I hung out with friends a few days and... well... that's about it. Haven't left the house other than to do some Christmas shopping at Walmart tonight. But why would I want to leave the house? It's the fucking North Pole out there. I feel guilty though. Everyone keeps saying, "It must be nice, being able to just sit around and relax." Yeah... I've just been so busy this past month... *sigh*

It has been nice seeing everyone, though. Pat and I, especially, have been sitting around doing nothing together. It's nice to do some brotherly bonding, especially when said brotherly bonding is watching The Big Lebowski together (Mark and I have already watched it together a couple of years ago). I've seen Kaitie, and by extension Ida (briefly) and Raven, and tomorrow Jessie and I are going to hang out.

I know I must be getting old or something, because the holidays hold no magic for me now. Instead of actually asking me what I want and going out and buying it Mom gave me her credit card, a limit and otherwise told me to go crazy on Amazon.ca, which to be fair suits me just fine. I'm getting A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, Because I Know You Don't Read the Newspaper by Aaron McGrudger, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Party Monster by James St. James, The World Ends With You (for DS), Paris Je T'Aime, and the Otto; or, Up With Dead People soundtrack (I ordered it basically because it has one song on it I really want on my iPod, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it). I also took the opportunity to pre-order a copy of Repo! The Genetic Opera, which will be delivered some time in January. The holiday spirit will just keep on going! This, however, will make actual Christmas day much less surprising, but I'd just as soon have no one spend anything on me... if you insist...

I've also done an excessive amount of Christmas shopping for others, which is special for me as I rarely have money. Tonight I got a Cream CD for Mark, a Billy Joel CD for Dad, a package of kitchen glasses for Mom and a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD for Pat. I'm so generous.

The holidays drags by, or, rather, life drags by. I'm becoming increasingly anxious about my job, which I've done very little work for over the past month. The deadline is some time after I return from the holidays, so at some point I'm going to need to buckle down and basically complete the whole damn guide's first draft. If I return and the strike is over I'll have three essays and that to write over the period of probably two or three weeks, and I'll completely deserve it. I've been lazy as hell. If I believed I could keep it, it would be my New Years Resolution to work harder.

In significantly not whiny and depressing news I just found out tonight Air Canada is giving me $100 credit on a flight, which Mom will enjoy. I was kind of hoping for two-way free flight to someplace exotic, but I suppose with all of the complaints over the holidays and in general if this was Air Canada's policy they'd be even more bankrupt than they already are. Happy holidays!


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